Week Calendar App Reviews

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Very useful!

Love the drag-and drop. Easy to copy appointments too

Best Calendar App

So easy to keep track of your schedule. Incorporate all your specialty calendars into one.

Love it

This is one of the few apps that I dont regret getting it. I highly recommend it. Many features and customizations while keeping it simple to use.

Great calendar app!

I love this calendar app, the only thing I wish is if it was easier to create repeating events, I havent found a way to do that yet!

Love It!

I have used this calendar for years. Seamless? No. But always a quick fix. I have four calendars and share with four people. Rather easy. Color coded and pulls up previous titles so dont have to retype the entire title....few letters only. Keeps everything straight and organized!!

Very good.

Very good. My primary calendar.

Great app! Best way to keep track of events!!

Best app for a calendar I have found! Very detailed and lots of options to customize!

Wonderful app

...with many helpful configuration options, like changing the view type from monthly to daily view when tilting the mobile.

Weekly Calendar

Works great. Have been using it for a few years. Never had a problem with it.

Great app!!

Ive been using this calendar for many years. By far my most used app!!

Great calendar

I love using this calendar its better than the Apple calendar app but I hate how it deletes some events after the fact. I like the look of it when I open it up I can see the whole month without having to select a date. Great app


Cant live without this app! I have used it everyday for about two years for all of my daily activities, meetings,work, workouts. You name it and I am able to incorporate it this phenomenal app! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TO ALL OF YOU WHO DEVELOPED AND RUN THIS APPLICATION!!!!

Great apps

Love this apps

Great app - Love Rolling Appointments

This app provides a great replacement to the basic Apple calendar app. The color coding and custom alerts are great. I also love the "rolling" event feature that reschedules an event until its marked as completed.

Très bon !!

Très bon !!

Excellent application

The week cal is amazing! Because I run multiple calendars I need an app that makes this easy and smart. Well done.

Great App!

I am fully satisfied with the App - very intuitive and easy to maneuver!


Good app for the money. I especially like the repeat scheduling. Easy to do by day or date and easy to specify duration.

Owner of an engineering firm

This app has helped me organize and keep track of events in a very user friendly environment. I strongly recommend this app.

Love it!

I just so wish it had a desktop version, it is stunning how difficult it is to print a month that shows all appointments in any calendar on desktop!

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